Intuitive Guidance & Energy Work

To upgrade your life and step into your full potential

  • Is there an area of your life where you are feeling stuck?

  • Do you feel like you’re struggling to keep your motivation and energy up?

  • Have you done a lot of inner work and still feel your life isn’t really flowing yet?

  • Are you experiencing your conscious Awakening and feeling disconnected after the big shifts that it brings affecting your work, friends, family?

  • Are you searching for true intimacy and yet your relationships often seem challenging?

Maybe you have a feeling and deeper knowing inside that life doesn’t have to be like this… And you’re in the right place.

I’ve been there. There was a time when I had doubts…  but now I can say: Yes there is light at the end of the tunnel. And life can feel so joyful and light that it was all worth it.

Now I’m here to support and guide you in the right direction. It will be so much faster, easier and more effective than trying to figure it out by yourself. So give yourself this gift of being supported in your growth and journey to the life you are deeply desiring.

In our personal 1-1 sessions I will guide you back to your natural state of being and true essence of light and joy. You will start experiencing a deep heartfelt connection – with yourself, others, nature and Spirit as you step into the natural flow of life.

This is for you if you want to:

  • Feel more vibrant and energised than ever

  • Energetically clear low vibrational blockages and release old patterns and limiting beliefs that are not serving you

  • Discover your Human Design energy map to better understand your unique design and live in alignment with it

  • Experience Shamanic journeys and recover lost soul fragments to bring deep healing and feel whole again

  • Meet your Spirit animal and connect to your guides who support you on your path

  • Open your heart and connect to your inner wisdom.

  • Fall in love with yourself and allow yourself to receive the full abundance of life

  • Experience true intimacy in your relationships

  • Live with ease and joy supported by the natural flow

  • Empower yourself and live your Truth courageously from the heart

Are you ready to start a new chapter to live fully and thrive?

Get in touch to find out more about receiving 1-1 guidance from Simona and book your free 30-min intro session to gain clarity on what would serve you most.


Empowerment Coaching

For conscious visionaries and entrepreneurs
who are ready to rise to the next level

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed growing and running your own business?

  • Do you feel unclear about making decisions or how to best use your time and energy to realise your vision?

  • Do you struggle to stay motivated and move forward every day to create the offerings you would like to share?

  • Does it feel like it takes a lot of effort and you’re still not seeing the results you are looking for?

  • Are you getting worried how you will support yourself financially?

  • Do you feel you don’t have enough support and exchange with other conscious leaders to keep feeling inspired and empowered?

I’ve been there and remember all of those… And along my journey I have found some powerful tools and practices that have helped me to completely shift into a place of creating in effortless flow and manifesting with joy and ease.

I would love to share them with you and take you on a journey to become the most empowered version of yourself. So you can live your passion and create a life of radical freedom and abundance – while sharing your greatest gifts with the world.

This is for you if you are looking for guidance to:

  • Step into your power as a conscious creator

  • Crystalise your vision and follow your deeper purpose why you are here

  • Start manifesting with joy and ease and become a magnet for your desires

  • Charge your creativity, raise your vibrations and activate your entire being through powerful embodyment and breathwork practices – to feel more open and in the flow than ever

  • Set yourself up for success and show up at your best every day by creating powerful morning rituals

  • Understand and reprogram your stories and limiting beliefs around money and abundance – so you can fully open up to receiving

  • Put yourself out there with confidence and a deep knowing that your offering has incredible value

  • Create a life of radical freedom while serving on the highest level

  • Step up as a leader into collective conscious awakening

The world needs conscious visionaries like you.
Are you ready to shine?

Get in touch to find out more about 1-1 sessions with me and my Conscious Creator Mastermind program. Book your free 30-min introduction call so we can meet and see how I can best support you.